Mehlville school board approves $5 million in cuts -

Mehlville school board approves $5 million in cuts

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MEHLVILLE, Mo. (KMOV) -- The Mehlville Board of Education approved a budget Thursday that will cut $5 million from the next school year.

News 4 reported in April that cuts were coming to the district.

The board will not replace 23 teachers and staff who have retired or resigned, which will result in the biggest reduction. Stipends for teachers involved in student clubs, holiday pay for part-time workers and $10,000 in funds for musical instruments were also cut, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Students live less than a mile from their respective school will be charged $218 per year for transportation; student activity fees will increase to $100 per student and maintenance costs will be deferred.

Board members reviewed a survey that showed overall support for a 55 cent tax levy increase was 48 percent. Support for a 40 cent increase was 58 percent overall. 

Those with children in the district overwhelmingly support tax increases compared to those without, even though 78 percent of respondents in the survey do not have children attending district schools.

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