Repairs might finally be coming to dangerous Warren County road -

Repairs might finally be coming to dangerous Warren County road

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( - Repairs might finally be coming to a road in Warren County where political squabbling has prevented upkeep.

Augusta Bottom Road, which is partially in St. Charles and Warren Counties closed after parts of the road fell into disrepair. 16-year-old Ella Neier drowned in 2010 after her car went off the road and into a pond. A few years later, the road closed.

The road has remained closed because there is disagreement as to who is responsible for upkeep. Despite the closure, residents say people still use the partially paved road as a shortcut.

“People from all over the place go down this road. People go to the wineries down this road, it's phenomenal just how many people travel this road,” said nearby resident Diane Kessler.

Warren County, St. Charles County, and Washington, Mo. have agreed to provide funding for guardrails. Gravel will also be added.

“I'm just extremely happy we're coming to a conclusion. This thing's been dragging on for years and years. Hopefully we can say it's over for at least right now,” said Presiding Warren County Commissioner Roger Maunzy.

The agreement to fix the road is contingent upon a dismissal of a wrongful death suit that has been filed by Neier's parents. Officials also said if flooding destroys the levee road over the next ten years, no repairs would be made unless FEMA funding is available.

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