One "Ferguson Bill" passes in Mo. Senate after dozens proposed -

One "Ferguson Bill" passes in Mo. Senate after dozens proposed

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Ferguson City Hall Ferguson City Hall
Many Ferguson demonstrators hoped legislators would make sweeping reforms in government and policing after several bills were introduced following protests to the killing of Michael Brown, Jr., but only one made it past the Missouri Senate.

Missouri lawmakers only passed one “Ferguson Bill,” out of the more than 60 proposed measures. The Senate-passed bill focuses primarily on small cities that rely on heavy fines for revenue.

“Some of the other measures in the bill deal with fairness of the courts, making sure people have an opportunity to be heard, and not be in a debtors prison for two weeks before they have their day in court,” said State Senator Eric Schmidt, who wrote the bill. 

Adolphus Pruitt, the president of the St. Louis City NAACP, also lobbied for Ferguson reforms. He said there is deep resistance for police body cameras and changing rules on how police use force.

"I honestly believe that a number of people do not believe that the issues of Ferguson warrant any wholesale reforms and changes that need to come out through legislation," Pruitt said.

Many expect lawmakers to consider more "Ferguson Bills" when their session resumes in January.

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