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Urban League says teddy bears in trash not part of Brown memorial

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Leaders from the Urban League in Jennings refuted claims that sentimental items seen in a garbage can were part of the memorial to Michael Brown.

The city of Ferguson announced plans earlier this week to repave Canfield Drive, where the memorial has been located since Brown's death in August. Officials said the memorial would be removed and replaced with a plague to honor Brown.

A Twitter user posted a picture of items seen in a trash can outside of the Urban League and claimed they were part of the memorial disposed of improperly.

Representatives from the Urban Leagues said the items in the photo were previously donated to the organization and had no connection to the memorial.

"I think it was just a case of mistaken identity. They don't realize that this is still our community outreach center. We have donations everyday and that the Mike Brown donations they didn't see, there are tons of them still here. They were in the building the whole time," said Angelia Bliss, vice president of communications at the Urban League.

The Urban League said they plan to hire a cleaning service to move and clean the items part of the memorial.

The memorial items will then be turned over to a museum curator at the Von Cultural Center.

A new memorial will be created by the center, which will eventually be housed at the Ferguson Empowerment Center on West Florissant.
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