Family of veteran buried at Wentzville cemetery worried about bu -

Family of veteran buried at Wentzville cemetery worried about burial grounds condition

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. ( - Loved ones of a veteran buried in a Wentzville cemetery say the burial grounds are not being kept up.

Vietnam veteran Michael Stuart died in 2007 and is buried in the veterans' section of Eternal Peace Cemetery. His widow said conditions at the cemetery are deteriorating.

“My daughters and I have gone up and literally pulled handfuls of weeds or clipped them with scissors or clippers. We're always up there sweeping dirt and grass off the headstones,” Donna Stuart said.

The family posted photos on Facebook that show the conditions at the cemetery. Some show cracked or sinking gravestones and overgrown grass. Many commented that the condition are unacceptable. The Stuart family said it has considered moving Michael's body from the cemetery but hopes such a move will not be necessary.

“He chose this place for years because it was a beautiful place, it was very well kept. He had his mind set, ‘this is where I'm going to be,” said Michael Stuart's daughter Tammy.

Pohl King Monument Company owns the cemetery. A statement from Bryan King of the company said:

My father has supervised all aspects of the cemetery for 30 years. My father had a stroke August 22nd and is unable to continue his responsibilities. Since August we have also had to change personnel three times due in part to our original grounds keeper being diagnosed with terminal cancer and his replacement having a heart attack. 

We have just hired some new workers and we hope to have all grass cutting issues under control before the holiday weekend. We welcome any specific lot concerns that we will address as soon as we can. As you know know the last month has had ideal conditions for grass growing, so it has been hard to keep up.

Our maintenance goals are as follows:
  •     To have all areas cut, weed-eated and trimmed.
  •     All graves leveled and seeded with excess dirt removed.
  •     Apply additional gravel to roads.
These goals will be accomplished before we enter into any expansion plans. As I said, we welcome individual lot owner concerns and we will work hard to address these areas immediately. 
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