Madison County arrests suspects in 10 separate thefts -

Madison County arrests suspects in 10 separate thefts

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MADISON COUNTY, Ill. ( - Following a recent increase in theft complaints, the Madison County Sheriff's Office was able to apprehend eight suspects in spring theft incidents.

The theft complaints were primarily out of Foster, Jarvis, Wood River and Moro Townships.

Once the complaints were received, the Sheriff's Office said, they forwarded the case to the investigative division for follow-up.

The investigation yielded the arrest of eight suspects in ten different cases of theft.

Most of the cases were burglaries of power tools from buildings and sheds, but in some cases thieves broke into residences.

The Sheriff's Office was able to recovery property including power tools, leaf blowers, scrap metals and an ATV. The property recovered had an estimated value of between $8,000 and $10,000.

According to police, the eight suspects were likely working in smaller groups and not all together.

"Of these groups all but one said they were using the proceeds from the items they sold or traded for illegal drugs," said Madison County Sheriff John Lankin. 

Charges were filed against the suspects between May 11 and May 18.

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