Thieves stealing debit card data from ATM users -

Thieves stealing debit card data from ATM users

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – The Wall Street Journal reports the number of thefts involving debit card data is soaring.

The alarming trend is happening at bank owned and independently owned ATMs, including shopping centers, convenience stores and restaurants.

The increase in hacking comes as the financial industry and retailers work to secure their systems against cybercrime, which is why experts say hackers are increasingly returning to an old faithful technique called skimming. Skimming is when a device is installed on the ATM to capture information from a debit card's magnetic strip. Sometimes, a tiny camera will also be used to record the cardholder entering their pin number.

To avoid becoming a victim, banks suggest covering the keypad with your other hand when entering a pin, and trying to avoid non-bank locations where the ATM is in a hidden location that thieves could easily access without being detected.

Banks also suggest monitoring bank statements and immediately reporting any suspicious activity.

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