More trouble for contractor accused of not finishing promised re -

More trouble for contractor accused of not finishing promised remodels

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Some call it "spiking the project” when a contractor guts everything then walks away without putting your house back together.

They take your money and disappear and it's hard to prosecute because when you "spike" the project it disguises an otherwise outright theft. Customers of the former remodeling company, Home Solutions, believe they were victims of that type of scheme.

After work got started they all had problems getting a hold of the company's point man, Kevin Moloney.

Des Peres Police detective Trent Koppell compiled a list of 42 names, victims of Home Solutions that are out more than $580,000. Koppell believes beginning the job is all part of the act.

"I call it showboating or spiking the project, simply going in there tearing out whatever job he's doing and getting initial step started to fool people," said Koppell.

Kevin Moloney, formerly of Home Solutions, has already been charged for bouncing thousands of dollars worth of bad checks.

Not long after News 4 confronted Moloney, he rented a Ford Escape from Hertz,But he never returned it, so now he's facing a felony for failing to return rented property.

As for ripping off customers of Home Solutions, Maloney has been charged with theft over $25,000.

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