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Overland man said he was convicted for trying to defend his home

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An Overland man says he's facing legal trouble after using a gun to protect himself in his home.

Thomas Howard, 37, was arrested on May 7, 2014 over an incident at his house on Lackland. Howard says he went for his handgun when he heard banging and yelling at the front door.

"I couldn't make it out at first, I thought it was someone trying to break in, a home invasion or something and so I ran to the closet to get my gun," he tells News 4.

Howard said he then got into a confrontation with the man, who Howard claim's is a relative of his girlfriend. Howard said he and the man faced each other on the front porch before Howard says he went back inside and locked the door.

When police arrived, they arrested Howard and he was eventually charged him with third degree assault. He was later convicted and had his gun confiscated.

"I thought it was ridiculous, if anyone was a victim it was me, I was minding my own business in my home,” Howard said.

Gun experts said that Missouri law only protects armed residents when they face a threat while taking a defensive position in their home.

Howard now has until May 21 to pay a $1,000 fine or face even more trouble.

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