Pevely Alderman accused of creating alter ego to harass constitu -

Pevely Alderman accused of creating alter ego to harass constituent

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PEVELY, Mo. ( - Alderman Dave Bewig said he is not the man who invented the fictitious person Joe Mott, but others in Pevely believe evidence points to Bewig as the man behind the mask of the fake name.

The mysterious Joe Mott was discussed at Monday night's Pevely Board of Aldermen meeting.

Last year, a Jefferson County Facebook page featured posts critical of resident Erin Kasten, who has been critical of some of Pevely's elected leaders in the past. The comments were made by a man named Joe Mott, but Kasten suspected Bewig wrote the posts.

News 4's Russell Kinsaul spoke with Alderman Bewig over the phone, who said his son created the Joe Mott Facebook page, but he was not involved in any other way.

In a newspaper article about Alderman Bewig and volunteers repairing a resident's fence, a reporter was told Joe Mott assisted with the project. 

In another unusual circumstance, a different Alderman said he received a twenty dollar money order from Joe Mott as a donation for city park repairs, but surveillance camera photos appear to show Bewig obtaining the money order.

Pevely Mayor Stephanie Haas said she was disappointed that one of the city's elected officials failed to serve the community's citizens and, "in turn, hiding behind a false name and essentially harassing a resident."

The Joe Mott mystery's link to Alderman Bewig does not end with the revelations at this week's board meeting, according to Mayor Haas.

"It could put us in the middle of a major legal battle, it really could," said Mayor Haas.

Whether additional conflicts arise is dependant on the reactions of residents and the Board of Aldermen.
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