Call Colombo: News 4 scopes out boundaries of 'Lemon Law' for ca -

Call Colombo: News 4 scopes out boundaries of 'Lemon Law' for car owners

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GRANITE CITY, Ill. ( - Buying a new car can be considered something fun, but what happens if a car buyer gets a lemon?

Both Missouri and Illinois have a 'Lemon Law' to protect car buyers if they purchase a faulty vehicle, but as News 4's Mike Colombo discovered, the laws have their limits.

Jason McKey purchased a brand new Dodge Dart, but within 4 months, he began having problems with the car's middle console screen. When the computer stopped working, McKey would lose control of the radio and even his back-up camera.

"Within probably 4 months... I started having problems with it. It just became inoperable," said McKey. 

He took his car into the dealer to have the issue fixed, but eight months later, it started having problems again. Chrysler offered McKey a warranty for an additional 30,000 miles, but he wasn't satisfied.

"I have a big bleeding wound and we're going to put a really tiny band-aid on it and pretend like it's fixed, but it was never fixed," said McKey.

Under the Lemon Law, McKey believed he was entitled to a new car, but Colombo discovered McKey may have waited too long.

Whether a driver is in Illinois or Missouri, the law only applies to new cars, must be filed within a year of purchase, the owner must keep all repair and service records and the issue must be discussed with the car's manufacturer, not the dealer.

As for McKey's issue, News 4 contacted Chrysler, where a company representative agreed to take another look at the problem with McKey's car.
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