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Speed along Mackenzie Road concern for Affton residents

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AFFTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Residents of Affton are concerned about vehicles speeding along Mackenzie Road after an accident last week that caused a truck to slam into the front of a home.

"Speed is a main problem. Nobody does 40, we're talking 45, 50 miles per hour," said Terry Jones, who has lived on Mackenzie Road for 17 years. "There have been at least a half a dozen major accidents. In fact, one time they had to call in a helicopter."

Jones lives near the home hit by an SUV last week. A 40 mile per hour speed limit sign is snapped in half, lying on the ground outside of the house hit.

"This is the first we are hearing about the crash itself," said Area Engineer Michelle Voegel of MoDOT, who said they will be reaching out to law enforcement to conduct a speed study in the area.

News 4 took a radar gun out onto Mackenzie Road Monday afternoon and discovered most drivers were maintaining the 40 mile per hour speed limit, but a few hit 46 and the top speed radared was 52 miles per hour.

Another Mackenzie Road resident said she believes the speed is under control and see police patrol the area often.

MoDOT said they can be contacted with any safety concerns at MoDOT's website or by phone at 1-888-ASK-MODOT.
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