Lindbergh teacher fired after alleged sexual relationship with s -

Lindbergh teacher fired after alleged sexual relationship with student discovered

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( – Lindbergh school officials have fired a teacher after he allegedly had a sexual relationship with a student 17 years ago.

The district put James Wilder on paid leave in August of 2013 when prosecutors filed felony charges against him. Wilder was a teacher at Sperring Middle School and was the cross country and track coach. His accuser came forward in 2013 and claims she and Wilder had a year-long relationship when she was 16.

“Keeping our kids safe is very important to us,” said Beth Johnston, a representative with the school district. She says the board terminated Wilder's contract and he signed a severance agreement. Under the agreement, Wilder will be paid through June and receive a one-time payment of $5000. “It makes sure Mr. Wilder will never be back on a Lindbergh campus again,” Johnston said. 

The case was going to trial, but the accuser died in November. Prosecutors dismissed the case in January. They say defendants have a right to face their accuser in court, but without her, there is no case. When the case was dropped, the police files on Wilder were released to Lindbergh school officials.

“This agreement accomplishes a very important goal as well: to protect the district from any future litigation which could cost our community tens of thousands of dollars through the district having to go to court,” Johnston said.

Wilder has denied all the accusations.
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