Bill to increase gas prices presented in Jefferson City -

Bill to increase gas prices presented in Jefferson City

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – In Missouri, major road projects and rough roads will most likely get worse if taxpayers are not required to give more money at the gas pump.

“We do a five year construction program, we look at it five years at a time and when we're looking out to 2017, that's the point where we don't think we'll be able to match all the federal funds anymore,” said Broeker.

There is a bill being presented in Jefferson City that would add an extra cent-and-a-half on regular gas and three-and-a-half cents on diesel fuel. The added tax would generate an additional $55 million to be used for road infrastructure projects.

“[Road infrastructure projects] require a lot of resources to maintain it, and grow it, to make it functional for economic development and make it safe for the traveling public,” MoDOT's Interim Director Roberta Broeker said. “Investing in that system returns value for the taxpayers of Missouri.”

According to Broeker, for every $4 the feds give the state for transportation infrastructure, Missourians must provide $1.

Senator Dave Schatz, the Vice Chair of the Transportation Senate Committee, said it does not look like there is enough time to hammer out a transportation bill before lawmakers leave Jefferson City in two days.

Missouri has the seventh largest state highway system in the country but ranks 46th in how much revenue is brought in for roads.

It has been about 20 years since Missouri raised fuel taxes.

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