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Will silver and gold trading company at center of consumer complaints be prosecuted?

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(KMOV.com) - If you stole thousands of dollars from a bank you would go to jail, but if the money disappears during a business transaction, there's often very little accountability.

Victims of a raw deal say they have been forgotten by the system - and are tired of waiting for prosecutors to take action.

It's been nearly two years since News 4's Chris Nagus confronted the owners of Liberty Trading, a main street business in Vandalia, Illinois. Customers from around the country discovered Liberty through an online auction site called Proxibid. Those customers purchased gold and silver coins, or so they thought.

News 4 spoke with customers from across the country who are out tens of thousands of dollars. According to the Illinois Attorney General, the majority of the 42 complaints on file have not been paid back.

One owner, Sean Cook, has repeatedly blamed the credit card processing company Transfirst, over the years.

But earlier in 2015, Transfirst, the credit card processing company obtained a judgment against Liberty Trading, which also lists Sean Cook for $811,000.

The Illinois Attorney General's office says it's a civil case, and they are "taking aggressive measures within our jurisdictional means to go after this company." However, criminal prosecution would be up to the local states attorney in Fayette County.

News 4 contacted that prosecutor, and he was unaware of the $811,000 judgment from Transfirst. In general, he felt the case was being resolved, but the customers News 4 spoke to beg to differ.

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