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Historic Hillsdale cemetery's condition comes into question

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 The families of those buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Hillsdale told News 4 the cemetery is in shabby condition.

The historic burial grounds, which predate the Civil War, contains tall grass and weeds. The condition of cemetery received more attention after the granddaughter of someone who is buried there posted a video on YouTube showing the disarray.

“That is ridiculous. Loved ones are in there. You can't go visit them, you have to clean off the grave in order to visit. It's ridiculous,” said Kelly West-Hodges, whose daughter shot the video. West-Hodges  also said her mother's headstone is covered by growing grass and weeds.

One man who also has family buried in the cemetery said he comes to mow the grass near his family's graves. He also said conditions have improved because someone cleared the front part of the lot within the last 30 days.

“This cemetery has been in poor condition for years and some gravesites are visible because of volunteers and relatives with lawn equipment coming out to maintain the grounds, but it really requires a commercial effort to maintain it,” said Al Lassiter, who mows the plots where family members are buried.

Lassiter said he believes the community should come together to clean up the cemetery.

“It's an eyesore in its current condition and it affect property values of nearby residents who should want to see it improve also,” Lassiter said.

News 4 attempted to reach out to the owners of the cemetery, Friends of Greenwood Cemetery Association, for comment, but the group has not responded to such requests.

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