Jennings home break-ins caught on video -

Jennings home break-ins caught on video

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JENNINGS, Mo. ( – An investigation is underway after police responded to two burglary calls on the same street in Jennings Monday morning.

The burglaries took place in the 5200 and 5400 block of Fletcher around 10:30 a.m., police said. 

Shondell Woods, one of the victims, caught footage of the burglars with her home surveillance camera.The video shows two men leaving her house with a flat screen TV and driving away from the scene. 

According to police reports, they also took jewelry and a gun.

Two other homes were hit in Woods' neighborhood. Investigators said similar crimes have occurred recently in the area.

Anyone with information about these burglaries is asked to call St. Louis County police or Crime Stoppers. 

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