Is the City of St. Louis any safer after being redistricted last -

Is the City of St. Louis any safer after being redistricted last year?

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – It has been over a year since the City of St. Louis was redistricted for policing purposes, and it has people wondering if the change has helped to make the area any safer.

Since the redistricting took effect, crime has increased in nearly category. So far in 2015, 32 of the 62 homicides, including two Sunday, have been investigated by the North Patrol, while officers at the Central and South patrols have investigated 14 homicides each.

The uptick in violent crime, especially in South City neighbors is why many residents do not want to leave their homes.

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“We don't feel safe. We're not safe, our families are not safe. I have a son. I tell my son to stay in the house, he says, ‘mom, ‘I can't stay in here forever.' He's 22. He's a good kid, but you're afraid, because when I go to work, I'm afraid for my grandkids to come out. It's getting scary out here. It really is,” Gravois Park resident Merilyn Strickland said.

Robberies throughout the city are up 75 percent and aggravated assaults are up nearly 25 percent.

According to Chief Dotson, redistricting and hot-spot initiatives are working.
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