Man claims police assaulted him after he refused to show I.D -

Man claims police assaulted him after he refused to show I.D

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( – A man in Pine Lawn claims police assaulted him and threw him in jail because he refused to show his I.D and answer questions.

Tracy Hurd said he saw a woman get assaulted in the street in front of his house by another woman. He says his troubles started when the victim returned later with police. Officers were upset he didn't want to get involved with the investigation.

“[I was] sitting right here minding my business,” Hurd said. He claims police showed up at his house and demanded to see his I.D. “Give me your I.D and I said ‘What do you want my I.D for? What did I do?' He [the officer] said ‘I'm going to ask you one more time. Don't resist arrest.'”

The Fourth Amendment protects someone from being forced to show their I.D unless they are suspected of criminal behavior. Officers in Pine Lawn say Hurd was suspected because the victim pointed a finger at him.

“[Hurd was] indicated in the overall scheme of things that he was part of the assault,” Pine Lawn Spokesman Lou Thimes Jr. said. However, Hurd says that's not true and claims officers didn't clearly communicate why they were at his home.

“Immediately, he grabs my left hand and said ‘If you resist me, I'll beat the s--- out of you,'” Hurd said. He says police didn't charge him with any crime.

“Based on my information that I received and the facts as stated by the officers on site, there was no indication of police brutality that I can determine,” Thimes said. Hurd disagrees and says he believes this to be a case of police brutality.

A spokesman says Hurd was held overnight because of an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court and was released by a judge the next day. However, the Pine Lawn Police Department is planning charges of resisting arrest and assault of an officer. Hurd plans to sue the department.

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