As conflicting stories emerge, woman shot by police charged -


As conflicting stories emerge, woman shot by police charged

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Charges have been issued against a woman who police shot after they claim she was attempting to shoot them.

Authorities said the shooting happened in the 4200 block of Chippewa near Garnier Friday night. Police were called to an apartment for disturbance where a 39-year-old Jennifer Morgan-Tyra was threatening residents with a screw driver and a gun. As officers arrived, a man came running out of the apartment, screaming. Police entered the apartment and said Morgan-Tyra pointed the gun at them, Officers ordered her to put the gun down. Police said she tried to shoot, but her gun jammed. An officer then shot her in the chest.

However, Morgan-Tyra's family members are speaking out against what police are saying happened during the shooting. "It's like a nightmare. My sister is in there dying, fighting, trying to hang on to her life," said Rebecca Morgan, Jennifer's sister. Morgan says her sister was fending off an intruder in her mother's home.

"She never had a gun pointed at police. She had a gun pointed at the door. She turned her back to the police and that's when two St. Louis officers unloaded two guns into my sister," Morgan said. "She's married to an officer, her dad was an officer, she has concealed carry weapon and she's been trained. She was in the National Guard reserves for awhile, she loves police officers, she would never point a gun at police. I think the cops came in like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne and just started shooting up the place."

Police say only one officer fired shots. While Morgan claims eleven shots were fired, officials with the police department say only seven shots were fired.

"When officers arrived, there was a man running out of the house and screaming. The officers went inside. They saw a woman armed with a weapon, they ordered her to drop it. She did not drop it. She pulled it up,” said Major Rochelle Jones.

Morgan-Tyra's husband said she was trying to protect her brother, who is mentally challenged, from the intruder. 

Police said Morgan-Tyra does not live at the apartment. She was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but has since been listed as stable. Her husband said he thinks she was shot 15 times because doctors told him there are 11 exit and entrance wounds. including one bullet in her spine. The family is concerned she will be paralyzed.

"They ruined her life. She could be in wheelchair, maybe a vegetable. Who knows is she lives and pulls through this," said a Rebecca Morgan.

The shooting will be investigated by the the police department and the Circuit Attorney's Office. It is a new policy that officer-involved shootings must be investigated by multiple departments.

Morgan-Tyra's family said it is not sure what action it will take next. News 4 has asked for the the 911 call and copy of the surveillance video inside the apartment that may have captured the shooting. Police have yet to respond.

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