Many say closed ice rink in Fairview Heights becoming eye sore -

Many say closed ice rink in Fairview Heights becoming eye sore

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It's become quite an eye sore in the Metro East.

It's an ice rink that once served several high schools and hockey teams in Fairview Heights. Now, the U.S. Ice Sport Complex building has several patched up cracks on the walls and hasn't been in use since it closed almost three years ago.

"It was kind of a strange part of your history. I mean it was kind of a sad thing because they are so few hockey rinks and hockey especially on our side of the state,” said Jerry Kellam who used to coach at the ice rink. He added that his son also played there.

"This was always very nice well run facility. It was clean and the people here were nice,” he said.

That's until the building started sinking, it was then closed indefinitely. City officials told News 4 there's nothing they can do about it.

"We look at the building as whether or not it would be safe to occupy and at this point it is not. There are certain renovations which would have to be completed before there's any additional occupancy,” said Tim Tolliver, Fairview Heights Director of Land Use and Development.

Tolliver added the subsidence has continued and that the building is still being monitored by the State of Illinois. He said even when it is deemed safe to occupy, the owner of the building decides what happens to it.

"No future plans at this point. It would have to be some type of adaptive use. Not likely to be an ice rink again. Though you never know,” he said.

News 4 called the owner who lives in Chicago who said he too doesn't have any plans for it.

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