Call Colombo: Veteran gets refund from Dish Network -

Call Colombo: Veteran gets refund from Dish Network

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Roy Buckner switched from Dish Network to DirecTV three years ago, yet was still receiving a bill from Dish.

Buckner called News 4 Investigates Mike Colombo and got results.

Buckner told Colombo the details were fuzzy to him because he was in the hospital when his wife switched service providers. She passed away before he noticed the billing issue.

News 4 reached out to Dish Network and a representative with the company said it is waiving the fees and refunding Buckner's expenses.

While investigating, News 4 wanted to learn more about Buckner's military service. Buckner was scheduled to go to Okinawa in spring 1945, but he and thousands of others contracted scarlet fever and were forced into quarantine.

Buckner didn't make it to the island until the worst of the battle was over.

To this day, he wishes he could've done more. 
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