No, that viral post was not actually the woman who was fat shame -

No, that viral post was not actually the woman who was fat shamed

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The Anti-Jared post The Anti-Jared post
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - That post you probably saw last night or this morning claiming to be from the woman fat shamed at Busch Stadium wasn't her, after all.

In an online post titled “I Was The So-Called Unhealthy Fat Woman At The Cardinals Game” to, a user claiming to be the woman fat shamed at a Cardinals game spoke out against Shark Fitness' promotion.  The is an online community for users to share their extreme weight loss stories.

“You made it clear that you want to fight obesity through shaming me and that I cared very little about my health,” she wrote. “Well, let me tell you a little about myself.”  The post details the powerful story Beverly Cutlip has; losing over 150 pounds and finally getting to enjoy life's little pleasures: sitting at a picnic table and going to the Cardinals game.News 4 tracked down the source of the article.  Turns out it wasn't really her. It was a him: Tony.

Tony Posnaski told News 4 he wrote the blog post using the name and identity of Beverly Cutlip, who is from West Virginia. Posnaski, who spoke to News 4 over the phone Thursday, said the goal of his post was to take a story he wrote about in the past and apply it to a “viral story”, in hopes of raising awareness. His hope, he said, was to change the way people look and think about obesity.

Tony has succeeded – the post has been shared more than 52,000 times on Facebook and is probably showing up in your newsfeed today.

“I noticed today you compared yourself to fitness guru Maria Kang, and that is a joke,” the post said. “She might hate obesity, but she does not ‘hate' obese people. She might want to fight particular foods, but she does not ‘single out others'. She is a trainer, you are not.”

This response is the result of a News 4 story about a controversial marketing approach taken by a St. Louis fitness instructor.  

Bottom line: Beverly Cutlip is a real person with an amazing weight loss story, however Beverly is not the woman seen in the photo at a Cardinals game.  The identity of that woman remains unknown and will stay that way unless she decides to speak out.

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