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Woman abandons baby to rob disabled client, police allege

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A 26-year-old woman is facing criminal charges after leaving her baby in a hot car to rob a disabled man in South St. Louis, police say.

Willie Crisp said he never thought his housekeeper would rob him at gunpoint. Police say she and an accomplice took Crisp's crutches then beat him.

“Finally the girl said let's stop playing around, and let's just shoot him,” he said.

The women rummaged through his belongings for at least 45 minutes, according to court records. They took his credit card, bank statements, cell phone, house phone, and 46 dollars in cash.

Meanwhile, Annette Hopkins and other neighbors were working together to save the alleged robber's baby.

“The baby was burning hot, a little lethargic,” said Hopkins. “I instantly ran in got something to cool her off. Gave her some juice to get some energy going with her.”

When police arrived, the mom told them her baby had been stolen.

The suspect's identities have not yet been released because no formal charges have been filed.

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