Alderman, residents complain about tall grass in city-owned prop -

Alderman, residents complain about tall grass in city-owned property

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - Alderman Sam Moore of St. Louis' fourth ward told News 4 he is fed up with grass overgrown up to six and seven feet high in his ward, which the city is responsible for mowing.

"If you find me a lot that looks like this in South St. Louis, I will resign my position," Moore said.

According to Alderman Moore, there are 1700 vacant lots in his ward and the city cuts the grass in his ward three times a year.

"As you can see, this grass is tall, taller than I am and I am six feet tall. And then someone next door is trying to live decently and keep their grass cut, and then we have this eyesore," Moore said.

Moore, along with residents, want the fourth ward to get more attention and does not believe mowing the grass three times a year is enough.

"Who would want their child, or grown-up, to walk through this kind of mess? This is crazy, this is unacceptable and this prevails throughout my entire community," said Moore.

News 4 visited the ward and found tall weeds and grass all over the area. Lanyia Smith walks through the grass and weeds to get to school.

"How does it make you feel when you look at something like that?" News 4's Brittany Noble-Jones asked Smith, who said, "Like they don't care, like we're nothing."

The city did not have anyone available to talk to News 4 Wednesday about the issue, but wanted their side of the story to be heard.

News 4 will follow up with the city on Thursday to hear their side of the issue.
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