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Drug problem in St. Louis neighborhood worries residents, alderman

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Residents of the Dick Gregory neighborhood are seeing increased drug trafficking in their newly renovated community.

“I'm seeing people going through the alley selling drugs, drug transactions everywhere,” said resident Donald Buchanan.

The city spent more than $13 million to improve his block. The Dick Gregory neighborhood is 4th Ward, near St. Louis' western border with North County.

Alderman Sam Moore said he has caught drug users in action. However, police cannot get there fast enough to stop the problem, he said.

Moore said he spotted a vehicle with two men using drug paraphernalia. When he threatened to call the police, they started to drive away and almost ran him over.

“One guy had a spoon with brown liquid extracting from a spoon,” said Moore. “The other guy had a syringe in his arm in a nodding or sleeping position.”

Moore is calling on the city to add more police to patrol his ward.

“We need more visibility,” he said.

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