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Helen Fletcher's Painted Cookies

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 Helen Fletcher from Pasties Like a Pro shows us how to make Painted Cookies. 

Painted Cookie Glaze

2 cups unsifted powdered sugar (260 grams or 9 ounces)

1/4 cup lemon juice or water

1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract if using water

Additional lemon juice or water if needed to thin the glaze

Gel Colors

Use the smallest bowl that will hold your largest cookie.  Mix the ingredients for the glaze and use at once.  Add  additional liquid if necessary to achieve a glaze that will cover the cookie without being too thick or running off.   Add a few drops of gel to the glaze.  Swirl with a bamboo skewer.  Use one color or as many as you choose.  I generally start with one and add more colors as I go along

Pick the cookie up by the edges and dip it, right side down into the glaze.  Pull it straight up and let the excess glaze drip off.  When it has stopped dripping, place it, right side up on parchment paper to dry overnight, after which the cookie may be packed if desired.

More colors can be added to the glaze as you go along.  After a while the glaze may become muddled if you continue to add colors at which point the glaze needs to be re-made.

The number of cookies this glaze will cover depends upon the size of the cookies.  Once glazed they need to dry so make these at least a day ahead. 
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