City lawmaker proposes plan to raise fees to put more cops on ci -

City lawmaker proposes plan to raise fees to put more cops on city streets

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - A city lawmaker is working on a plan to raise taxes and fees in order to hire 160 additional police officers to the St. Louis force, currently comprised of over 1,300 officers.

"The City of St. Louis is seeing more crime and not only more crime, but a violent type of crime," said Alderwoman Donna Baringer of St. Louis Hills. "When you have more visibility of police officers in the community, then you tend to have less crime in the community."

The cost of adding 160 more officers could cost anywhere from $8 million to $10 million.

St. Louis Police are currently using hot-spot policing, where a large number of officers move into troubled areas, but some are not convinced the tactic is effective.

"It's a short term solution," said Congresswoman Christine Ingrassia of South St. Louis.

Alderwoman Baringer's long term solution is raise some fees in the city, such as parking taxes and business licenses.

Negotiations on Baringer's plan are still ongoing in City Hall, but the measure could be on the August ballot for voters to decide.
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