Authorities warn of debit card skimming scheme in Chesterfield -

Authorities warn of debit card skimming scheme in Chesterfield

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Authorities are warning of a new debit card skimming scheme that occurred at a Commerce Bank in Chesterfield.

Police said it is taking place at a free standing ATM on the grounds of the bank. The St. Louis Office of the Secret Service said someone inserted a tiny camera and card reader inside the ATM. The camera is used to record to the pin numbers of those who use the ATM.

The Secret Service said the device to steal customer information was set up in late March. The bank said not customer information was compromised. The Secret Service said it believes the skimmer behind this scheme is tied to two other skimmers in the St. Louis area. The culprit may also be tied to a skimmer in Kansas City.

Commerce Bank released a statement about the skimming scheme:

Recently, we worked with the authorities to identify and stop local skimming activity in the St. Louis area. No customer information was compromised, and we remain vigilant, in protecting our customer's private information.

We encourage our customers to keep the following tips in mind:

• Be suspicious of signage indicating that you should use a specific machine.

• Be wary of a jammed ATM or Pin Pad that forces customers to use another ATM or Pin Pad that may have a skimmer attached.

• Report anything that seems suspicious or strange about the ATM or Pin Pad machine to your financial institution, i.e. any odd-looking equipment, tape or wires attached to the ATM. Is there a flashing green light on the ATM? There should be.

• Use a different machine if you are uncomfortable about the machine or any instructions on the ATM or Pin Pad.

• Alert local law enforcement and the financial institution to report any suspicious activity around an ATM or Pin Pad. This could include anyone who offers to help you, tries to look over your shoulder, or is taking pictures in the area.

• Be on the lookout for fraudulent withdrawals by checking your account regularly

• Customers should grab a hold of the card reader and give a tug. If it comes off, do not use and call the police.

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