Des Peres Police bust thieves for using stolen credit card infor -

Des Peres Police bust thieves for using stolen credit card information

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DES PERES, Mo. ( - Two men were arrested in the parking lot at the Sam's Club in Des Peres when they were caught with what police say were fake identification cards and re-encoded credit cards likely linked to the Target and Home Depot data breaches.

Police said the two men, who are Cuban nationals from Miami, were buying pre-paid $200 gift cards in bulk at Sam's Club using allegedly stolen credit card information.

When police searched the men's vehicle, they found a credit card embossing machine, which can be used to make convincing fake credit cards using real credit card numbers.

"We're seeing more of them, so are other departments," said Des Peres Detective Marshall Broughton of the embossing machine.

Employees at the Sam's Club saw the men acting suspiciously and called police, who discovered the account information used was likely related to the recent data breeches of big box chain stores like Lowe's and Target.

All of the victims whose credit card information was used by the suspects still had their cards in their wallets or purses and had no idea their accounts had been breeched.

"There's plenty more," said Detective Broughton of encoded credit cards. "We've been exchanging intelligence information with other cities and states within the same retailer. There have been at least 75 individuals so far."

Detective Broughton said this case should serve as a reminder to consumers to frequently check their bank statements.
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