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#Really? MSD letter threatens woman with collections over 58 cent overdue bill

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV.com) - A St. Charles woman received a letter from MSD saying she owed 58 cents on an overdue bill and if payment was not made immediately, more stringent collection methods could be put in place.

It led Alma Reece to contact Chris Nagus and ask, Really?

 The letter was in reference to an account connected to her deceased mother's home.

Reece said she always pays the bill, but accidentally wrote the check for the wrong amount: off by 58 cents.

She paid the 58 cents with a check because she did not want it to go to collections.

But after her interview with News 4, she received a letter of apology from MSD and a refund of 48 cents for the cost of postage for mailing the 58 cent check.

An MSD spokesperson told News 4 the collection process is automated and is not designed to recognize a dollar value.
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