Report: Bad Missouri roads costing each local driver $1500 a yea -

Report: Bad Missouri roads costing each local driver $1500 a year

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( – A new report from a non-profit group sponsored by insurance companies said the poor conditions of Missouri's roads are responsible for billions of dollars in car repairs in the state every year.

The report, written by the TRIP Association, said driving on deficient roads costs Missouri drivers $4.5 billion in car repairs, fuel, traffic delays and crashes.

“Pretty terrible, pothole everywhere, pieces of road missing, pieces of curbs laying in the road,” said driver Daniel Bollinger.

The report graded Missouri's pavement conditions in the St. Louis area and said 29 percent is considered poor, 40 percent mediocre, and 31 percent is considered to be in good condition. According to the report, bad roads cost a driver from Springfield $1100 per years, Kansas City drivers $1300, and St. Louis area drivers $1500.

“The condition is deteriorated and congested. In several years we're looking at a system that's even more congested, more deteriorated, and still lacks safety features we'd like to see,” said Carolyn Bonifas Kelly with TRIP.

MoDOT's smaller budget also means contractors are taking jobs out of state.

“They're working in Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois,” said Len Toenjes with the Associated Contractors of Missouri.

MoDOT is trying to convince lawmakers to pass a gas tax hike so the state doesn't lose out on millions of dollars in matching federal funds. However, asking for such an increase is a tough sell.

To see the report, click here.

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