Tires, wheels stolen off of 12 cars on south city auto lot -

Tires, wheels stolen off of 12 cars on south city auto lot

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – News 4 is tracking what looks to be a growing crime trend.

On Wednesday News 4 showed you surveillance video of a man suspected of stealing expensive rims and tires at a Metro East car dealer.

Now News 4 has learned the same thing has happened in South St. Louis.

Frank Bingham owner of Bates Street Motors is still assessing the loss from this weekend's break-in.

"We closed Saturday, everything was okay. Monday morning we came, my employees called me and said all the tires and wheels were missing on 12 cars,” he said

Bingham added that the thieves mainly focused on the cars with aluminum wheels which makes the break-in even more expensive.

"I'm sure it's going to be five, six thousand dollars. And that's just probably putting steel wheels and tires on them, not going back putting aluminums,” he said

Thefts in car lots seem to be a crime trend. Last week we told you about breaks in at both "Haley Auto Sales" and "Best Buy Auto Sales" in South St. Louis. Two cars were stolen.

Then in Collinsville, police are still working to locate two men accused of stealing rims and tires off of cars at a local dealer.

"But those are people who are people who are taking those wheels and putting them on their cars. Those are brand new late model tires and wheels. The ones taken out of mine are older cars. So they are scrapping them,” Franks said.

He added that he reported the incident to police but has yet to hear back from them.

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