Lawmaker involved in Ferguson protests responds to critics -

Lawmaker involved in Ferguson protests responds to critics

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Missouri State Senator Maria Chapelle-Nadal is responding her critics who say she is fueling tensions in Ferguson.

Chapelle-Nadal spoke to News 4 after some believe she attempted to escalate tensions by tensions by sending out a tweet urging people to gather at Reds Barbeque in Ferguson, which has been a gathering spot for protests. Chapelle-Nadal said she was forwarding out a request by a pastor. There has been violence and destruction at some of the demonstrations.

“I am not a puppet master. Everything I have ever said from the very beginning is to do it peacefully and under the law,” Chapelle-Nadal said.

Chapelle-Nadal said she will continue to take part in demonstrations and encourage others to participate.

“We have a right to protest at any time as long as we are peaceful and on public property. What is happening across the nation is that there are people who want to incite riots and looting and by no means have I ever supported that, nor will I ever support that,” Chapelle-Nadal said.

Chapelle-Nadal told News 4 she believes she has done enough to speak out against violence and destruction that has surrounded some demonstrations. She also said she has held people back who wanted to attack police officers as tensions mounted.

“When those people do decide to be violent, that's when peaceful protesters need to out them. I will out you myself if I know who are, I will out you for being violent,” Chapelle-Nadal said.

She said she is concerned about the approaching summer months and believes there will be more protests and violence across the country.

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