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Wellston police officers awaiting much-needed safety equipment

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Police officers in Wellston are still waiting on much-needed equipment to help them do their jobs and stay safe.

In October, 2014 a court financial receiver for the City of Wellston approved police request for new squad cars, ammunition, gas masks and bullet proof vests. Fast forward to the present, a full six months later, and he's surprised that the department still hasn't received them.

"If the request was reasonable. If it was within the city's budgetary constraints for the police department then I made sure that they had the equipment that they needed,” said Ethan Corlija, former court appointed receiver for the City of Wellston. 

He added that the city could afford new squad cars, gas masks, bullet proof vest and shot guns for the police department. So he authorized plans to purchase them. To date, the department has only received the squad cars.

"The reason for that, I don't know. I can only speculate that somewhere between the time that I had authorized the approval or authorized the requests for them to get those equipment and the time that it was delivered it was halted,” Corlija said.

Wellston's police chief told News 4 the department is in dire need of bullet proof vests, but says he didn't know they'd been signed off to receive them until last week.

"Had I known that it had been signed, then I would have been anticipating it and probably checking in at different points of time,” said Chief G. Thomas Walker.

Walker added that he spoke with the mayor, who assured him that would he look into the matter.

"I think it's probably just some type of misunderstanding I can't say specifically what happened but I do believe that we will be receiving the equipment shortly,” he said.

News 4 tried getting answers from the mayor but was told he wasn't available for comment. 
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