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Ferguson business owners praise adults, parents for protecting their community

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Despite large crowds gathering in Ferguson on Tuesday night, business owners in the area are not worried about security on Wednesday night, thanks to adults interacting with teenagers and insuring protests remain peaceful.

Sonny Dayan, owner of STL Cordless in Ferguson, said he saw about 30 teens gather at a bus stop on West Florissant and Ferguson Avenue on Tuesday night after seeing a call to gather on social media. Soon after, Dayan said a group of about 60 adults approached the teens, demanding peace.

"That was a wonderful moment. I mean, I can't tell you, I was so overwhelmed. I felt like I wanted to scream, 'Stop the violence!' I am a father of four," said Dayan.

He said the adults were "yelling at [the teens], 'Stop the violence, stop the violence.' The message was so clear and so strong that we, all of us, every adult on the street felt like telling them—telling the world—"Stop the violence.'"

Dayan believes the large group of adults supervising the assembled teens kept the group from turning violent and is why he is not worried about the security of his business on Wednesday night.

"I felt secure. Although I don't see any police, and I can't really count on them at this time, I can count on the community, the mothers and the fathers in the community," Dayan said.

Other Ferguson business owners agree with Dayan, saying they will not be concerned Wednesday night. Charles and Kizzy Davis, who opened their business Ferguson Burger Bar & More the day before Michael Brown, Jr. was shot, described Tuesday night's crowds as loud, but peaceful.

"It was peaceful. People were blocking cars, they were in the street, some traffic did get blocked," Charles Davis said. "But other than that, it was a peaceful protest."

With adults and parents from their community supervising assembling teens, both Dayan and Davis do not fear for the security of their businesses in the event of protests on Wednesday night.

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