News 4 Investigates: Values of land under homes in St. Louis Cou -

News 4 Investigates: Values of land under homes in St. Louis County skyrockets

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Your home value didn't skyrocket, but if you live in St. Louis County there's a good chance the value of the land beneath it did.

Pat Brennan of Chesterfield owns a nice ranch on a corner lot. After checking his assessment online, one column jumped out. For years his lot was valued at roughly $61,000 dollars, but this year it's suddenly worth more than $91,000.

“I guess my biggest concern is it's going to raise my taxes 4 or 5 hundred dollars” said Brennan.

County assessor Jake Zimmerman has nothing to do with tax rates but it's his job to determine the market value of every property in St Louis County.

“What that does to the taxes depends on what the school district and the fire districts do,” said Zimmermann.

As for the rise in assessments, Zimmerman said, “I think a lot of people will be surprised. When I took a look at the numbers on my own house the first thing I saw was the land value had jumped it went through the roof.”

And that's true, Zimmerman's land value in 2014: $36,900, in 2015: more than $114,000.

“St Louis County for years if not decades was low balling the land values it wasn't right and I knew that when I got into the job,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said the combined land and dwelling value is the most important number.

It's important to focus on the total, land plus house, that's the number that should reflect comps in your neighborhood.

If you still disagree, you can challenge the assessment and an appraiser will show up on your doorstep.

To check on the value of your property in St. County click here.

From May 1 through the second week of July you can challenge your assessment.

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