More residents claim St. Louis police are ignoring home security -

More residents claim St. Louis police are ignoring home security video of alleged crimes

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - For the second time this week, residents of St. Louis told News 4 police are deliberately ignoring home security footage of alleged crimes.

On Monday, the neighbor of a robbery victim said his surveillance cameras captured the suspect entering and leaving the victim's home. Just a day later, a South St. Louis family said their security system caught an eruption of gunfire nearby. In both cases, the owners of the footage say police have not showed interest in seeing the video of the alleged crimes.

Police told News 4 they weren't even aware the security footage existed in both cases.

In the case of the gunfire caught on video, homeowner John Clauson said he told police his surveillance cameras were rolling on the incident.

Clauson said he was at his Bevo Mill home with his granddaughter when he heard shots.

"[I was] unsure whether I was going to get shot, my grandkids were going to get shot, my house was going to get shot," Clauson said.

On his surveillance cameras, Clauson saw two suspects exit a white Impala and open fire on Eichelberger.

Bullets hit the homes of neighbors. He believes his video footage would help stop the gunmen, but said police have not talked to him about it.

A spokesperson from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said detectives working on the case are not aware of the video and encourage citizens who have surveillance video of any criminal incident to contact them.

"I've got the footage, all they've got to do is come and get it," Clauson said.
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