North County mother finds gun left behind by burglars -

North County mother finds gun left behind by burglars

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -  A woman came home to find her North County house ransacked, but later discovered the thieves left behind a firearm.

Only minutes after leaving her home, Shantella Hurt returned to find burglars had moved couch cushions, dumped drawers and even flipped mattresses.

"It's still an uneasy feeling, knowing someone was in your house, in all of your stuff," Hurt said.

One of Hurt's neighbors saw suspects breaking in through a back window and called police.

"They caught one coming out of a door over here and one coming out of the back window," said Hurt. "They actually broke into my kids' playroom in the basement."

When going through her home to see if anything was missing, Hurt found something that was definitely not in her home before the robbery: a loaded gun.

"I just happened to be walking out of the door and looked down and there was a gun sitting right there in [a] box," said Hurt. She said she was terrified to think about what could have happened if one of her twin daughters had found the gun before she did.

County police said they do not search home without a homeowner because they cannot tell what does and does not belong in the home. However, officers did return to Hurt's home to collect the gun.

One suspect, 18-year-old Mikell Rayford, was arrested in connection with the robbery. Police are still searching for other suspects.
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