Crestwood Mall redevelopment poses funding issues for Lindbergh -

Crestwood Mall redevelopment poses funding issues for Lindbergh School District

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CRESTWOOD, Mo. ( - The Lindbergh School District is speaking out against the proposed redevelopment of the Crestwood Mall property, saying the tax abatement for the construction would hurt the district.

The developers of the old Crestwood Mall intend to construct both commercial and residential buildings in a mixed-use complex, including 225 apartments.

Superintendent Dr. Jim Simpson of the Lindbergh School District said the proposed construction on the land would leave the district without the funding to educate the children of the apartments' residents.

"Students who come out of those apartments will not have any educational funding for their education, because that funding has been tax abated. The school will not get those taxes," said Dr. Simpson.

City Administrator Mark Sime of Crestwood told News 4 the developer Urban Streets Group is proposing a $100 million project including apartments, a theatre, office space, retail and other commercial properties. The developers are requesting almost $28 million in tax increment financing.

"These are all proposals right now," said Sime. "There is no plan yet. Nothing has been approved or signed off on."

Sime also said no decision has been made on whether tax abatements that would impact education would be offered.

"It is too early to tell," Sime said. "We have not discussed any tax abatement with the developer at this point."

Crestwood City Hall will host a meeting on the project at 7 p.m. Tuesday in a series of meetings designed to get the opinions of residents and educators.
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