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#Really?: Extended warranty leaves customer in the lurch

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -  When making a major purchase, sometimes on the spot or through the mail you receive an offer for an extended warranty.

A St. Louis  man thought he was buying peace of mind, but instead it left him asking "Really!?!"

When Eli Holt purchased a new Samsung Refrigerator last year he bought an extended warranty.

But the warranty was really from Federal Warranty Service Corporation also known as Assurant Service Protection.

So when his refrigerator broke down in early March, he called Assurant, but the crew they sent could not fix the complex issue.

Samsung would not replace the refrigerator because it was purchased from an appliance wholesaler, not an authorized Samsung dealer.

After a few calls from News 4's Chris Nagus, Assurant covered the cost of the refrigerator.
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