Community questions if security guard should be armed after shoo -

Community questions if security guard should be armed after shooting burglary suspect in East St. Louis

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When a Housing Authority security guard shot and injured a burglary suspect in East St. Louis, some members of the community asked if the security guard should have even been armed, but the Chief of Housing Authority Security said his guards are well-trained.

"A lot of people are concerned, a lot of people are involved, a lot of people know we've done some good things since we've implemented the security force here, so we want everything to be okay," said Chief Cortez Slack of East St. Louis Housing Authority Security.

Over the weekend, one of the security guards shot at suspects after a burglary call in the John DeShields complex.

Chief Slack stands behind his guards when their use of force is questioned. The Housing Authority Security guards train through the St. Clair County Sheriff's office, but they are not police officers.

"You're trained in domestic violence, you're trained in firearms training," said Chief Slack of the security guards' training. "It's above and beyond your average security force."

Chief Slack said when responding to the burglary call, two people ran out of an apartment's front door and the security guard began shooting.

"We're dealing with an economy that sometimes lacks a police presence and manpower," said Chief Slack. "That's when we decided to get our own force, where we can be a supplement to East St. Louis Police."

The burglary suspect was shot in the torso and is expected to survive.

The security guard who shot the suspect is now on paid leave.

Illinois State Police is leading the investigation.

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