News 4 Schools: Students take the lead in tutoring -

News 4 Schools: Students take the lead in tutoring

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HIGH RIDGE, Mo. ( -- Students at Brennan Woods Elementary weren't waiting around for teachers or staff members to start a tutoring program. 

They took the initiative themselves.

Five students at the school are the founders of tutor teams, a program that has rounded up a group of students from second to fifth grade who have applied to be "experts" in various subjects.

More than 50 students are approved and scheduled to work as peer tutors now.

Once the student tutor's application is signed by their parents, current teacher and approved by the tutor time leaders, they will be given a schedule of when and where they are needed and assigned a student to mentor.

Tutor Teams launched in February. Since then, students receiving the additional guidance are seeing vast improvements in classes like math, reading and writing. 

Founder Ava Wingenbach says she wanted to launch the program because she also needed a little extra push in math. Now, the tables have turned and she's teaching it to fellow students.

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