MADD: 'Outrageous' that Wildwood woman faces 7th DWI charge -

MADD: 'Outrageous' that Wildwood woman faces 7th DWI charge

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( -- The head of the Missouri chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving says it's outrageous that a Wildwood woman is facing a possible seventh DWI charge. 

Lisa Estrada, 51, not only faces another DWI charge, but assault and resisting arrest as well. 

Court records show police pulled over Estrada on Bryan Road in January after they suspected her of driving while intoxicated. As the officer put his hand on the driver's door, she took off south on Bryan Road. 

A mile away, she struck a stop sign and the sign at the entranceway to a subdivision. Estrada has a court date in May. 

"It's amazing that she didn't injure or kill herself, injure or kill one of the police officers trying to stop her, or injure or kill somebody else who was innocently on the road that night who was driving," said Meghan Carter of MADD Missouri.

Prosecutor Tim Lohmar told News 4 he can charge a suspect on their fourth DWI being a "prior persistent offender" or a "chronic offender" after that. 

"The law does give us the ability to treat the chronic offenders as they should be as serious offenders and people who are dangerous to society," Lohmar said. 

In 2013, Missouri law allowed judges to require an interlock ignition system for DWI offenders, the "blow before you go." Those are to prevent the engine from starting if the driver had been drinking. 

At this point, there's no data available to show what kind of impact the interlock systems are having in Missouri.  
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