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Police have large presence downtown to curb crime

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

St. Louis Police told News 4 they are putting extra officers in downtown to combat recent violent crime that is occurring in the area.

Extra officers will be brought in on weekends and when big events are being held. Such a move is being made this weekend because a robotics convention is being held. Despite the large a police presence, a man was shot and killed near the City Museum.

“Within 100 feet I have 30 officers detailed to the downtown area,” said St. Louis Police Captain Dan Howard. “It is particularly worrisome because it happened in broad day light. A slight physical altercation leads to a shooting and now a death.”

The city it will also deploy rapid response teams to combat rising crime.

“I think every day I focus on crime, so every day I'm looking at solutions to push those numbers down,” St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said. “Is it a crisis? I don't know. Is it important to the city? Absolutely.”

Dotson said the use of extra officers downtown does not mean officers are being pulled from other parts of the city. According to Dotson, the extra officers have citywide responsibilities and are not usually assigned to one particular area.

Police hope the brand new Real Time Crime Center will help them catch more criminals by catching what they do on camera.

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