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Police say same man responsible for two car thefts at two different dealerships in St. Louis

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Police believe the same crook is responsible for stealing cars off car lots in south St. Louis City and County. Although police have pinpointed their man, he's still not behind bars.

Surveillance cameras at Best Buy Auto Sales in south St. Louis city captured the suspect getting into a Chevy Impala and driving off the lot. The dealership's owner, Ciara Birchfield, says the suspect closely watched one of the sales associates put keys down on the office desk.

“He walked through to go to the restroom and they're quick, always scheming in their mind,” said Birchfield. “He picked up the keys and nobody knew he had them in his pocket.”

That same day, the suspect hit Haley Auto Sales just a few miles south on Broadway Avenue in St. Louis County. He stole a car after claiming he was looking for a car for his aunt.

“You don't expect someone to take off and peel out with everyone within 10 -15 feet from you,” said Jason Haley, owner of Haley Auto Sales.

Haley says the suspect sped off driving dangerously.

“He had no remorse for anybody's life that day,” said Haley. Anybody could have walked in front of him, anybody could have drove in front of him and would have been killed.”

The victims say police are working with them to catch the thief, but say it's frustrating that they know who he is but he's not behind bars.

“I think there is so much crime right now they have to pick and choose what's important. It hurts the people that work so hard for what they have,” said Birchfield.

Both stolen cars have been recovered.

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