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Witness: Metro employees stood by as out of control passenger put people in danger on MetroLink

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(KMOV.com) – A MetroLink passenger said a drunk and unruly man used racial slurs and put and others in danger all while Metro employees on the train did nothing to stop him.

A woman who did not want to be identified told News 4 a man she believed to be drunk yelled racial slurs, fought other passengers, and tried to open the train car doors while it was traveling over I-44.

“He was very belligerent and he was shouting insults, especially at the African Americans on the train,” the woman said.

The witness said someone approached the man and knocked him out.

“A young man came running back at him from the front of the train and started beating up on him until at one point I heard his head give a loud crack up against either the door or partition, and he lay unconscious on the floor,” the woman said.

The women told News 4 the man eventually got up and tried to pry open the train car door.

“He was trying to get them to take him back I believe is what he was saying and he tried to force open the doors while we were on the elevated tracks above Highway 44. If he had gotten the doors open, he would have killed himself,” the woman said.

The woman said everything unfolded in front of Metro employees who did not take action. The witness said the employees did not appear to be security, but she believes they should have stepped in.

According to the woman, two passengers subdued the unruly man.

“It looks like they need better training so that more than just the specific security can intervene if something of this nature happens. It shouldn't be just the passengers, we're not trained,” the woman said.

Metro released to statement to News 4 about the incident:

The investigation continues, but we are able to confirm a MetroLink supervisor on a westbound train saw a disturbance between two passengers at the Brentwood I-64 Station and called for security assistance. The man was on the train. The woman was just exiting the train onto the platform.

A public safety officer was on the Brentwood I-64 Station platform when the female passenger left the train. Another public safety officer met the apparently intoxicated passenger at the Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 Station platform. The passenger was later taken by EMS to a nearby hospital. The response time from public safety was eight minutes after the initial call.

While in route to Shrewsbury, the MetroLink supervisor continued to monitor the situation and provided security with updates which included another male passenger who attempted to start an altercation with the man.

We are aware of two Metro employees on the train at the time-- the MetroLink operator and the MetroLink supervisor. Their actions will be reviewed as we do with any incident on the Metro system.

The man was taken to a hospital.
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