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Local man pushes for guns on public transit

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By: Kelly Davis, News 4

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Right now it is illegal to carry a weapon on the Metro but one local business owner wants to change the law in hopes of making the Metro safer.

Stephan Marx testified in Jefferson City to help Representative Ron Hicks push legislators to pass a bill that would allow concealed weapons on the Metro.

“I've seen some bad behavior,” Marx said. “I've even some drug dealing going on in Metro lots, going on in plain view.”

A spokesperson for Metro would not go on camera but said the agency prohibits weapons of any type, which can be seen on signs around Metro stops.

“These gun free zones are not necessarily so, these thugs and criminals don't adhere to rule of law, they go by whatever they wish to do,” Marx said.

Police, Mayor Slay and Metro officials oppose the idea of allowing weapons on the Metro. They say putting guns in more places will not make anyone safer.

“Metro needs to step up their security on the trains and on the system, that's their responsibility,” Marx said.

Metro employs officers from the city and county police departments to patrol the transit system. Metro said they also have undercover officers monitoring buses and trains.

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