Brown family files civil lawsuit against Wilson, Jackson, City o -

Brown family files civil lawsuit against Wilson, Jackson, City of Ferguson

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CLAYTON ( - Michael Brown's family filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, former Police Chief Tom Jackson and former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Thursday.

In the wrongful death lawsuit, there are seven different counts the defendants are accused of committing, including civil rights violations.

Along with civil rights violations against Wilson, Jackson and the city, the lawsuit also alleges that Jackson and the City of Ferguson failed to properly hire, train, supervise, retain and conduct a fair and impartial investigation.

"The evidence has not changed, but the presentation of that evidence will," said Anthony Gray, one of the lawyers for the Brown family.

The fourth count of the lawsuit accuses Wilson of conducting an unconstitutional stop and using excessive force. The fifth count alleges that the city's custom, policy, pattern practice involved unreasonable stops, detentions and use of excessive force in violation with the United States Constitution.

"We do not believe, based on the forensic evidence and the narrative given, that Michael Brown should have been killed," said Benjamin Crump, another lawyer representing the Brown family.

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The sixth and seventh counts in the lawsuit claim Wilson, with the help of the city, “deprived” Michael Brown, Sr. and Lesley McSpadden “of their right to a familial relationship with their son.”

The lawsuit seeks $75,000 for compensatory damages, including medical treatment for psychological damages.

"So the fundamental question remains: Was this an unconstitutional arrest and was this an unconstitutional use of force?" asked lawyer Lynette Petruska. "We might agree that something is right or wrong, but right or wrong doesn't necessarily mean that something is unconstitutional.

The 44-page lawsuit was released by the Brown family during a press conference Thursday morning in Clayton.

The City of Ferguson has not commented on the lawsuit.

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