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Fake calls drain, divert police resources

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(KMOV.com) -- Suspicious devices at St. Louis City Hall. 

A fake 911 call in Sycamore Hills. 

The University of Missouri Student Center and Memorial Union evacuated for a bogus bomb threat.

A call for a fake hostage situation in St. Peters.

All within a 12-hour period. 

Call them fake calls or hoaxes, but police call them serious and say they're doing whatever they can to catch those responsible. 

The fake calls are a waste of resources and take officers away from legitimate calls. The stress level goes up for everybody involved and at times, police say it can be difficult to track down where the calls are coming from.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pastor Rob Bender was in a meeting when police showed up at Harvester Christian Church. The call came in that a person had been shot and a dozen people were being held hostage inside the church.

"The first thing we did was make sure the police had what they needed and they were moving through," Bender said. "I pulled all the staff together, interrupted some meetings and we just prayed."

The church is undergoing a major expansion. About 50 workers were on site and police had guns drawn to go through four buildings on the 19-acre campus. 

While a legitimate stand-off was underway in Ferguson, police there couldn't get any help from St. Louis County.
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